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WELCOME TO CONact Market Entry Management GmbH
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  • CON stays for concept and strategy

Without a strategy and a clear defined concept all activities may be without the wished effect. Making transparent and clear the customer targets is for us the first step to understand and realize the wished benefit and use of our services. Concept and strategy follows these targets considering specific resources, capacities, timeframe, limitations and risks.

  • act stays for realizing by structured activities the CONcept

Understanding the whole from Targets, Concept till Realisation, often you need other skills on getting things really done. In our economy often entities tend to be better in one or these elements. CONact is proud on combining both proofing this on the projects realized.

  • How we do this:

Integrate multidisplinary teams and know how. Don`t care for internal or external resources, but first only, what fits best and ask for a clear commitment of each part / partner.



  • Turnaround

Often in a stressed situation decision-makers need professional support of experienced advisors from outside.
( example: why an airplane captain has to read from his written checklist the procedure points in case of failure instead of telling them by memory ? Answer: in distressed situation ability to manage / realize tends to cease. )

We use different approaches according the the situation:

  • Manage:

We take over management of critical areas to produce fast & clear solutions giving a relief to the management, shareholders and maybe creditors. This should be only a time-limited situation for stabilisation.

  • Coaching / Advisory:

If situation fits, we prefer with the existing structure and management to develop a solution toolset



  • NPLs and Special Situations

CONact has a unique success story in solving  structural, legal and solvency problems that affect the value of estate properties.
Important financial institutions have already tested our ability and avoided heavy write-offs.
The more complex the issue, the more original the solutions.
Name it restructuring, turnover, liquidation or workout, our determination and our negotiation skills will make the best compromise happen.
Supported by our sister company Orgaplan Gmbh CONact is able to create Special Purpose Vehicles and perform development and mantainance projects that enhance the marketability of the object.



  • Doing Investments in Europe

In the real estate industry size and money are not everything it takes to achieve success.
Unlike financial assets, real estate properties require mantainance, bookeeping and property development and must be managed in observance of several local factors. Hence the usual dilemma whether to outsource or internalize arises.
Yet finding the right team of legal and tax advisors, auditors, servicer and property manager is not a trivial task and the number of parties involved may not help to enhance efficiency.
CONact has the local knowhow and the management solutions to become a valuable partner of investors doing business in Europe and who need to get the things done.

  • IT Solutions

CashflowSync is the software suite developed by CONact to support all the processes involved in the real estate industry, including:

  • Property management
  • Reporting
  • Accounting
  • Customer relationship management
  • Sales management.

Conactor is designed to be customizable and compatible with the most common office automation tools and accounting applications.

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