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Today we know better, that all traditional systems between government, public administration will change.

I believe strongly, that along with government and private economy, the role of dependent and independent workers or partners will change. Responsibility and Premiums will shift to the element / partner, who has to respond for success or failure.

Joerg Kowollik as founder of CONact was responsible in his prior job for privatisation in the Health sector of a leading East German country .

The Task is always the combination of realizing or make decisions in an uncertain environment. Seeing this, we use in different situation an advisory approach called:

Draft check:
Gives in a limited (short ) timeframe results concerning a unstructured / unsecure and often complex situation.
Often a Due-Diligence process needs too much time or is not cost-efficient for a certain situation. Therefore you need a specific toolset to get a result or decision platform in time.

A minister ( in one case minister of economy ) needs in 8 weeks a transparent decision basis for next year budgeting:
Which regions / municipal should be priorised as a touristic / regeneration area or for developing certain industries ?
What investment is needed to bring them on an operating working level according to european standards?
Impact and what risks, if government doesn`t decide now ?
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