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A bridge between credit and property, the role of the servicer is vital in the non performing loans industry. The servicer manages the assets for the creditor, deals with the failing debtors and governs the workout process (sale, forced liquidation and compulsory autcions) both of single objects and of portfolios.

The fast growing NPL market in the real-estate business fueled demand from financial institutions for professional support.
As a result servicers started taking over specific duties on behalf of financial institutions and institutional investors, either for specific projects or for interims management purpose.
To match the demand several new players entered the servicing industry. Several of the existing servicing company have been built around previous asset management companies, advisory practices or even dedicated divisions of financial institutions. The servicing industry is relatively recent and its players still present remarkable specificities. For instance no strategic management of the estate property may be provided by a servicing company that puts its main focus more on the credit business rather than the management or improvement of the assets - or viceversa other servicers may operate as excellent property manager, but as downside they perform poorly in dealing with financial institutions.

In the past ten years CONact and Orgaplan have been developing innovative solutions for the workout of  non-performing loans and sub-performing loans, as well as for the management of large estate assets.

Our expertise and our products are now available to support other players in the market that are aiming to
strenghten their offer and become able to deliver a unique service to their customers.

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