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In its general definition, the asset manager is the professional that picks investment opportunities and implements investment strategies for third party investors. In real estate a good investment strategy is not only affected by the portfolio structure but also requires a careful management of each property.

The expertise of an asset manager in real estate assets shall encompass the following tasks

  • Portfolio-Management
  • Cash-Flow-Management
  • Development of Portfolios and Properties
  • Reporting for Investors
  • Risk Management, Market-trends
  • Exit-Strategy Management 

The importance of the asset manager is growing as that of the instutional investors, but still it is not possible to state that it has been completely established in every european national market.
Being the role of the asset manager not so well established, it is also difficult to find trained professionals to fill the post. As a consequence other players such as servicers, property managers or even estate agents take over asset management contracts. Although experts in the real estate business, those players may need to improve the way they design and implement long term investment strategies.

CONact has collected valuable expertise over the whole real estate cycle and offers interesting solutions for asset management.

  • Process Optimization
    CONact improves the effectivenes and efficiency of the client's organization

  • Interim Management
    CONact can provide interim management of the whole portfolio as well as of single properties

  • Due Diligence
    CONact retrieves all the sensitive information available for investment decisions

  • Asset Improvement
    CONact solves structural and legal problems to enhance the value of the client's assets

  • Exit Strategy
    CONact clusters the objects in the client's portfolio according to exit strategies and the client's long term goals

  • IT Solutions
    CONact has developed IT Solutions to perform Reporting, Property Management and Risk Management
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