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As a consultancy firm in real estate, CONact offers valuable solutions also to legal and tax advisors focused on this industry. The core of CONact's expertise is strongly operative and service oriented and we stand as the ideal partner for those advisory practices that want to go the extra mile for their customers.


Highlight : DMS Software and Due Diligence

In due diligence processes collecting the basic information is a lengthy and costly process that can be largely improved by IT solutions. Our document management system facilitates not only the archiviation of data, but is also capable of generating quality checkups and reports.
Standard technical and legal due diligence is often not able to spot the legal loopholes and the other downsides that arise from asymmetric information. This "smart" content is normally not included in a management summary and it cannot just be obtained with a standard data room session.
CONact's approach goes beyond the standard data room, and the analytical check up of the regulatory aspects concerning construction, rental, condominium and auction. Due diligence is to be seen as a part of a negotiation procedure, that's why CONact sets up a cooperative atmosphere with other parties such as public offices, tenants, neighbours and debtors. Those parties may not only provide hints and data, but also become valuable partners in the further steps of the transaction.


Highlight : Institutional Investor, Controlling and Reporting

A transparent and clear information flow between the investors, the advisors and the asset managers is a prerequisite to any strategic or risk management decision. Especially when the investor has a global perspective on real estate markets but lacks of insights in the local regulation and business culture, the accountability of local advisors is a crucial element.

The IT solutions for controlling that CONact delivers to institutional investors are able to disclose the IT systems and archives of asset managers and property managers to third parties. This result is achieved both with the reporting module and implementing a secured way to access the document management system remotely, over internet or intranet.
Similar solutions foster at once accuracy in the bookkeeping, transparency towards investors and facilitates the inspections external auditors.

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