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CONact's IT-Solutions have been developed over time to complement projects in management consulting with the most suitable tool to implement strategic change in the way asset managers and investors manage and control their organizations.

A great level of transparency together with an accurate but flexible planning of time and cash flows have allowed CONact and Orgaplan to extract remarkable returns from assets in a NPL status and effectively implement turnarounds and restructuring. The suite Conactor has been initally developed to address these needs  and over time it has become a key factor for the success of the two companies.

Specific factors, innovative solutions  and quick paced change characterize the projects in which Conactor has been developed, tested and applied. At the present status a wide set of modules and application based on the Conactor kernel is the toolkit that CONact uses to quickly deliver an IT infrastructure to any organization in the real estate industry. The right modules and applications can be picked, merged and integrated with specific interfaces and functionalities according to the client's necessities.

The suite Conactor is developed using a Rapid Development Tool compatible with the Windows and Linux environments and capable of integrating source codes from different languages such as JAVA and PHP. All our products are kept open and compatible with the most common market standards as Oracle and SAP.


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